Handling the change from the temp phase to the final target phase

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri May 27 16:19:17 PDT 2005

Greg Schafer wrote:
> Using this as a reason for cross building is a hell of a stretch IMHO.
> Once understood, the problem is minor and easily worked around. It's
> simply an artifact of the way PATH is handled in the current build. More
> info here

I think you entirely missed the point of Bryan's post. He wasn't saying 
that's the reason for using cross-lfs, he was just citing an example of 
how a host can still affect the final build using our current method. He 
was showing that things can and will crop up that are unforseen.

Sure there's a solution, and perhaps it is minor in this case, but that 
wasn't the point was it?  It was just an example to show that 
abstraction from the host system is still very much a desirable thing.

If you want to help make LFS better, by all means keep posting with 
constructive comments and criticism. If you're posting here just to 
recruit to diy and to spread links to your site about on the web, go 
somewhere else.

> In fact, cross building introduces a regression in PATH handling in the
> pre-chroot phase. One no longer gains the advantage of having newly built
> tools integrated into the build process as they get installed and become
> available. While not a major problem, it is a factor that must be
> considered, and it's something likely to bite when building on older
> hosts. (The solution of course is to first build a bunch of host tools,
> but how far do you want to go?

We're aware of that. Likely what will happen is a note about certain 
requirements for a host, just like we currently have. In fact, when it 
comes down to it, the requirements cross-lfs has for a working host are 
far less stringent that what the current build method has.  If we can 
get by now with saying, you *need* a Linux system with a 2.6 kernel and 
a proper set of dev tools, then we can certainly list a set of 
requirements (a modern gnu toolset) that are likely to be less strict. 
If they don't have those on their host, then a link to a hint on what 
they need to get themselves set up could be done.


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