Request to join the stupid Yahoo group

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Thu Jun 30 03:58:50 PDT 2005

Spamassassin admins (hope you read this list...): Is there a way we can
"blacklist" anything with "chetana" in the subject?  Or maybe anything
from, but that might be a bit draconian.

Perhaps assign a large plus-spam score to it somehow?  I don't know how
SA works, but I would hope that a customization like that would be possible.

This is getting EXTREMELY annoying, and Yahoo doesn't appear to be
interested in doing anything about it.  (Since we keep getting them,
that's what I assume, anyway.  I could be wrong.)  If this were my mail
server, I probably would have firewalled off TCP/25 from that IP address
by now, but that's probably even more draconian than blocking by sending
DNS name.

(My Thunderbird Bayesian filter has gotten to the point where it flags
all these chetana-crap messages as spam, too.)
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