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Tue Jun 28 11:55:12 PDT 2005

This book assumes that the reader has a reasonable knowledge of using
and installing Linux software. Before building an LFS system, we
recommend reading the following HOWTOs:

    * Software-Building-HOWTO 


I suggest adding one more bullet:

Finally, your current linux system must be running a 2.6 kernel. If it
isn't, there are two methods to solve this. First, see if your Linux
vendor provides a 2.6 kernel package. If so, you may wish to install it.
If your vendor doesn't offer a 2.6 kernel package, or you would prefer
not to install it, then you can compile a 2.6 kernel yourself. This
second option can also been seen as a gauge of your current Linux
skills. If this second requirement is too steep then the LFS book will
not likely be much use to you at this time.

(I'm still digging, but this should be tied into other sections as well)


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