LFS 6.1 schedule

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jun 27 10:53:43 PDT 2005

Hi folks,

After a very long delay [1] it looks as if we really are nearly there. 
There are two bugs remaining to be fixed (1582 and 1586) which are 
simply textual changes.  I'll be doing a 6.1 pre-release tomorrow night 
(~19:00-20:00 UTC).  I'd like to get 6.1 out this weekend, though I 
realise that might not give folks quite enough time to comment on the 
pre-release.  Shout up if you think I'm rushing things, though I have to 
remind you I'm not a release manager, nor do I play one on T.V., I just 
fake it here on lfs-dev :)  Having said that, you've all had 6.5 months 
by my reckoning to complain about breakages since the last release :)

Editors, I think it goes without saying, strictly no package upgrades or 
command changes now please.  Justin, could you spin final package 
tarballs based on what's currently listed in chapter 3 of the testing 
branch please?



[1] 2 weeks turned into 2.5 months! - 

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