LFS-Testing (long)

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jun 25 09:01:26 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I've read recently about an impending release of LFS-6.1. I have rendered
the XML sources and looked this version over (Testing). I have most of it
installed in my test build right now.

However, my question is this:

How was/is this version advertised to the community, and more importantly,
to new visitors to the LFS web site. As best as I can tell, there is not
one place on the web site where it says that LFS-Testing is available,
nor can I find a link to the rendered book.

It seems with all the dev work being done recently, it would be in our
best interests to advertise this version as the next version of LFS (6.1)
and encourage folks to try it out. Right now, only the few handfuls of
folks who actively read the mailing lists, and keep up with the commits
would even have a clue that a Testing version exists.

I read on the web site this note:

"The Testing branch does not always exist at any given time. When the
Development branch comes close to a release, a Testing branch is created
to finalize the release while regular development continues on the
Development branch. When the Testing branch is deemed finished, it will
become the new Stable version."

Shouldn't there perhaps be a note in this section saying there *is* a
current Testing version and provide a link to the rendered book?

Please understand, I'm not trying to make waves or disparage the project.
I'm simply pointing out that we are weak in advertising our recent work
and to me, it presents a lack of progress to the casual guy that drops

I would be willing to help in getting information to the web site.
There are broken links and outdated information on almost every page.
I'm not fully certain how the web site is generated, and/or changes are
made, so I'm not sure if patches to XML can be sent in.

I realize there is an effort to migrate the web site to a new setup.
But, I also notice that the only person who does any real work on the
web site is also the project lead for the nALFS team, an active LFS
editor, and the project lead for the LIVECD project. This, in my
opinion stretches one man's efforts *way* too far, and has led to a
situation where information is simply not available to the casual guy
who drops by and wants to check out our project.


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