Use of Entities in the cross-lfs book

Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Jun 21 13:22:28 PDT 2005

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Jim Gifford wrote:

> The one thing I'm not sure on is if the SBU's will be the same on the
> different architectures, as far as the build size goes, it should be the
> same except for one package which is gcc, since we have a 32bit ABI
> build, 32/64 ABI build, and 32/n32/64 ABI build.

 My guess is that outside the toolchain, SBUs will be broadly in line,
partly because many packages fall into "the minimum SBU is 0.1".

 However, that is ignoring the time to run test suites (yes, I realise
cross-lfs cannot run test suites in what we now call chapter 5) which
seems to be the new consensus (and in practice, it's often the test
suites which take the time, both in LFS and BLFS).  In the toolchain, I
expect everything to vary greatly (e.g. I assume a multilib binutils
creates a library to process both architectures, so I expect it to take

> But these are things I'm trying to find out at this time. I have a
> script that I have been working on that will calculate the build disk
> usage. So far they are all within a few K of each other, but I need
> others to validate the findings, once I feel the scripts are working
> properly.

Ah, more joy of scripts ;)  I deviate by symlinking /etc/mtab to proc
for chroot, then it's just repeatedly df -k with a grep for something
identifying the relevant filesystem (/mnt/lfs, rootfs, whatever), and
repeat before the untarring, after installing, and after cleaning up.
Of course, any logs had better be on a different fs (mount --bind) and I
think cross-lfs builds host tools in ~/ which doesn't always lend itself
to accurate space calculations in a running system. (growing logs if
/home is on same fs as /, or just general output from users/processes)

I'll surprised if glibc sizes are similar for many different
architectures. Going back as far as LFS-5.0, glibc on ppc (32) always
used to be considerably bigger than the x86 figures in the book, because
all ppc instructions are the same length.

Is/are the cross-lfs book(s) being regularly rendered in html yet ?
I'm on a trial run of (LFS-6.1/BLFS-6) x86_64 blfs at the moment
following a very broken hack on Ryan's scripts, but I expect to have
another go at building x86_64 from i686 next week.  At the moment I'm in
the "infinite number of monkeys with typewriters" stage, but one day I
might crack it.

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