Use of Entities in the cross-lfs book

Jim Gifford lfs at
Tue Jun 21 12:42:25 PDT 2005

SBU's are going to be invalid up to chapter 9, chapter 9 will be the 
first chapter that we could provide SBU information.

My plan for packages.ent was something simliar to what archaic was 

<!-- Package 1 -->
<!ENTITY package-version "2.59">
<!ENTITY package-size "2.3 MB">
<!ENTITY package-url "http://url/to/package/official/download"
<!ENTITY package-buildsize "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package-time "0.3 SBU">

The one thing I'm not sure on is if the SBU's will be the same on the 
different architectures, as far as the build size goes, it should be the 
same except for one package which is gcc, since we have a 32bit ABI 
build, 32/64 ABI build, and 32/n32/64 ABI build.

But these are things I'm trying to find out at this time. I have a 
script that I have been working on that will calculate the build disk 
usage. So far they are all within a few K of each other, but I need 
others to validate the findings, once I feel the scripts are working 

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