Please take my apologies for Bug 1516

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue Jun 21 03:52:49 PDT 2005

Sorry for opening an invalid Bug (1516, "Font set improperly on 
framebuffer console") and making noise around it. Many thanks to Jim 
Gifford who asked me to retest the bug and resisted to the new console 
script as much as he could. (technically, the new script is also 
correct, just overkill).

Jim, do you still want me to post a summary on other issues that we 
discussed on IRC today?

1) i18n as a book material vs hint (I really don't want to set a policy 
"if at least one editor doesn't understand this, then it must be a hint, 
not book material")
2) the book not mentioning the kernel NLS modules and their role 
(answer: VFAT filesystem, not console, although the help text in the 
kernel config is a bit misleading).
3) the "console.html" page being non-educational
4) Do we want to insert an "if" on ISO-8859-1 vs other 8-bit encodings 
(the difference being the need for a special console font).
5) General relations between fonts, NLS modules, locales, filesystem 
and apps (just an introduction for English speakers, maybe a hint, but 
at least a part of this should be directly in the book, e.g. in the form 
of the present "console.html" page)
6) The "LC_ALL is dangerous" myth (maybe a correction to the current 
UTF-8 warning on the glibc page is needed).

Also the following has not been discussed, but also falls into the same 

7) Exact consequences of --disable-nls switch and the LINGUAS 
environment variable during the build (a new page for LFS-6.2 or 7.0).

Alexander E. Patrakov

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