Use of Entities in the cross-lfs book

Archaic archaic at
Mon Jun 20 16:56:39 PDT 2005

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 04:09:48PM -0700, Jim Gifford wrote:

A hybrid of something like BLFS does might be nice. However, I don't
like the idea of having package-specific entities spread across multiple
files. Here's an idea for a packages.ent (or even left in general.ent)

<!-- Package 1 -->
<!ENTITY package-version "2.59">
<!ENTITY package-size "2.3 MB">
<!ENTITY package-buildsize-x86 "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package-buildsize-ppc "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package-buildsize-x86_64 "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package-buildsize-mips "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package-buildsize-sparc "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package-time-x86 "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package-time-ppc "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package-time-x86_64 "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package-time-mips "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package-time-sparc "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package-patch_name-patch "package-&package-version;-foo-1.patch">

<!-- Package 2 -->
<!ENTITY package2-version "2.59">
<!ENTITY package2-size "2.3 MB">
<!ENTITY package2-buildsize-x86 "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package2-buildsize-ppc "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package2-buildsize-x86_64 "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package2-buildsize-mips "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package2-buildsize-sparc "81 MB">
<!ENTITY package2-time-x86 "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package2-time-ppc "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package2-time-x86_64 "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package2-time-mips "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package2-time-sparc "0.3 SBU">
<!ENTITY package2-patch_name-patch "package2-&package-version;-bar-1.patch">


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