Use of Entities in the cross-lfs book

Jim Gifford jim at
Mon Jun 20 16:09:48 PDT 2005

Hey all,
    I was just thinking about making use of some more entities in the 
cross-lfs book.

    1 - File Sizes for the Downloads and Patches, for packages it would 
be in general.ent(I would like to move the packages to packages.ent, 
also if everyone agree's, and leave general.ent to just the general 
stuff}, and for patches they would be in patches.ent.

    2 - Disk Space Usage, this also depends on how we decide to do this, 
if we take all architectures and do them individually or just use a a 
standard of i686 building a i686.

    3 - SBU's for the Chapters 10 and above, since the chapters below 10 
are build on a different machine since the SBU's will be different on 
the host than the target.

Thanx for listening

Jim Gifford
jim at
giffordj at

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