Glibc make check failed with LFS SVN 20050619

Carlos Azevedo carlosarazevedo at
Sun Jun 19 20:19:06 PDT 2005

I'm following LFS SVN but in 6.11 the Glibc 'make check' fails. The first 
failure is in nptl/tst-cond11.out with the messages :

clock = 0
clock = 1
cond_timedwait did not return ETIMEDOUT

By reissueing 'make check' it then fails in nptl/tst-clock2.out with the 
message :

clock_gettime round 0 failed

By forcing on again it then fails in c++-types-checkout, with messages stating 
'/dev/fs/63 file not found'.

The host system is an older LFS with kernel 2.6.9. The machine is an AMD64.

Any thoughts ?

Carlos Azevedo

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