SBU calculations

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Jun 17 15:34:24 PDT 2005

Steve Crosby wrote:

>   SBU's are a wild-ass guess. The methodology of calculating SBU's is fine, 
> but the application of someone else's build time measurements bear only 
> rough resemblance to my system - specifically because of architecture, 
> disk, memory, CPU cache differences etc. Do we really need to care about 
> <10% variances in build times for the initial SBU, when you can get greater 
> variance than that due to other variables in the system.
> (The point being, should we really care that much about how accurate the 
> SBU is, given it's a finger in the air, rough-guide anyway....)

Well said!  Much better than my unsent message of the one hour and
twenty minute SBU. ;-)

-- DJ Lucas

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