Test suite failure notes on the Wiki

Shane Shields shane.shields at erkunttarim.com.tr
Fri Jun 17 00:12:02 PDT 2005

Shane Shields wrote:

> Archaic wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 03:13:19PM -0500, Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>> The bottom paragraph of section 4.6 in LFS-Testing points to the LFS
>>> Wiki for information about failed tests. Is there perhaps an updated
>>> URL that could more directly point to this information? I cannot really
>>> find anything.
>> I'm going to BZ this so it doesn't get lost.
>> People, we need to start adding our 2cents worth in these discussions.
>> It really helps.
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> I personally think that the whole page of instructions should be 
> included. The reasoning is that if the build is going to be scripted, 
> even on a small package by package basis. The time taken by all the 
> instructions is significant. Put another way if someone uses the SBU's 
> to estimate a total build time for a complete system and that total 
> time is inaccurate to an order of three because some time consuming 
> instructions are not included they could be inclined to disregard them 
> and use their own timing system. New builders could also ask "why did 
> the SBU's state it took xxx minutes but mine took yyy hours is there 
> something wrong" type questions adding to the lists bandwidth and 
> losing the time (and patience) of the people who are trying to solve 
> real problems :)
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Oops sorry!!! wrong thread :(

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