Cross-LFS build method

Jim Gifford lfs at
Thu Jun 16 22:42:54 PDT 2005

Here is what I think

1 - Continue to get the current method of the cross-lfs book worked out, 
let's get the it out to the masses. Let's not waste all the time we have 
invested to get cross-lfs working. We have a lot of new things going on 
in this new build process and supporting more architectures we know the 
current method works on x86, MIPS, PPC, and sparc.

2 - Take the time to look at sysroot and destdir to make sure all of the 
core packages support it properly, and let's get some other testers 
besides the development team involved.

I would love to use the sysroot and destdir stuff, I know for a fact 
that the bootloaders are going to be our biggest issue on the sysroot 
and destdir stuff. (I have already looked into this, and was told to 
hold off until we get the current cross-lfs out)

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