ramfs vs tmpfs

Archaic archaic at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jun 16 16:58:48 PDT 2005

On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 06:33:07PM -0400, Joshua Murphy wrote:
> is there any pre-existing requirement to have tmpfs enabled in the
> host system's kernel? ... if not, and the host system doesn't have it
> enabled (yeah host has to have a 2.6.x kernel, but it won't
> necessarily have tmpfs, while ramfs is used much more in standard
> distros because of initrds packed with needed modules)

I would have agreed with you before glibc required tmpfs to pass it's
checks and shared memory became common. Are you aware of any popular
distro that *doesn't* include tmpfs in the default configuration?

The reason is that the bootscripts use tmpfs, so when explaining the
manual mounting of /dev at the beginning of chapter6 it would be nice to
explain it how it will be done at bootup without having to explain why
we aren't doing it that way during the manual phase.

This might be a good time to specify enabling tmpfs in the kernel page
where hotplug is explicitly mentioned. I'll BZ this.


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