SBU calculations

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Jun 15 22:12:05 PDT 2005

Archaic wrote these words on 06/15/05 23:57 CST:

> Don't the &&'s take care of you? 

[embarrassed]Actually, I don't use them. I run each command
cut-and-paste individually[/embarrassed]

Reason being is that configure won't consider it an error if
a dependency I'm trying to catch isn't found, or there's an
error with the dependency. It would just drive on and run make,
and so forth and so on. Then I'd have to uninstall and do it

> I actually do things in a more tedious
> fashion, but differently from you. I build and install twice.

I used to do that, but just recently changed my scripts because
I've just installed everything *so* many times, that I kind of
have a good idea what can, and will, go wrong. So now I just
build once, after getting a perfectly clean 'make'.

> And glibc is just such a case.

Yes, the locales for example. This is a separate step I do, timed
all by itself.


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