UTF-8 in LFS. New console script by Alexander E. Patrakov

Pasha Zubkov pasha.zubkov at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 00:07:55 PDT 2005

Alexander, thanks for your console script. I think we need extend
command that applies to all consoles. Here is example, it's not use
console config file, but show idea.

openvt -f -w -c ${TTY#tty} -- \
	/bin/sh -c "kbd_mode -u && \
		echo -n -e '\033%G' && \
		setfont LatArCyrHeb-16"

Without executing setfont in all consoles by console script we got only
first console to work properly. And need execute setfont in another
consoles by hand. So, I guess this all-consoles-command must be extended
by setfont.

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