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Archaic archaic at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jun 8 21:29:33 PDT 2005

These questions are for both books. (And yes, I know some answers will
differ between books, but it would be nice to have a concise answer to
them sitting in one place on each of the respective ml's. Perhaps the
answers will make their way to the edguides, too. :)

1a) What are we rounding to on single file sizes (like size of tarballs
    and patches)?

1b) How should we determine a single file's size? The lfs edguide gives
    an example of ls -l and assumes the output will be in bytes, but
    aliases and/or env vars could screw with that. Also, the lfs edguide
    says to divide the number by 1024, ls -lk will do that for us if we
    are indeed rounding to kB, otherwise ls -l --block-size=1 divided by
    wherever we are rounding to will work.

2a) What are we rounding to on installed size?

2b) How are we getting installed size? Bruce, I noticed you do
    df -k $LFS | grep $LFS | sed -e "s/ \{2,\}/ /g" | cut -d' ' -f3, but
    df -k /x |grep /x | awk ' { print $3 }' is less expensive. Either
    way, df -k seems to be the most consistant and easiest to maintain.

3a) Where are we rounding SBU's to?

3b) Does the *official* SBU account for tarball extraction all the way
    to removing the sources (with exception for the occasion where the
    sources aren't removed). If so, does LFS's expect page account for
    the removal of the tcl source dir since that is where it happens?

3c) Does the *official* SBU account for testsuites? Or should those be
    timed and listed separately in the explanatory text that mentions
    the testsuite? What about if the book doesn't "recommend" running a
    testsuite (which I think is generally insane, BTW)?


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