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Tue Jun 7 22:29:35 PDT 2005

Archaic wrote these words on 06/07/05 23:55 CST:

> Basically rewording nearly an entire page due to the fact that it is
> both hand-holding and confusing at the same time. The reason I call it
> hand-holding is that even a *suggestion* in the book (without any other
> counter-suggestions) will lead a newbie to follow a certain path instead
> of forcing a choice.

Okay, carefully reading your original message, with my head clear
(full of vodka, albeit), I know see the problem.

I have always skipped over this section of LFS because I wouldn't
dream of having source files, and the typical build stuff in /usr.

Sure I keep /usr/src/linux-2.6.whatever in /usr/src, but that is
it. In fact, /usr/src/linux-whatever is owned by my build user, not

I have a specific user I use to build *all* packages. Sources and
build scripts are all in subdirs of this user.

I thought /usr was supposed to be a somewhat static dir? You know,
back it up once and then only back it up again when installed
packages put something in /usr/{bin/lib/include/...}

Oh well, just me I suppose.

As far as your suggestions about relocating the sources and tools
dir, I didn't pay any attention to it as it isn't relevant to me.
I take care of this on my own. This almost falls into the category
of housekeeping to me. You know, kind of do it however you think
is best. However, I understand your concern about newbies wanting
to follow specific instructions.

I'll see if I can't contribute something worthwhile tomorrow, seeing
how there's been very little comment to your suggestions.

[off-topic follows]

> Yeah, 600 pitches would tire a person out, I'm sure. That's like a
> sextuplet-header (and probably with less rest between pitches). ;)

Yeah, but I'm only throwing to 13-year olds, and I only throw
about 85-90%, this makes it like, well, exercise. And why I do it.
I don't even have a kid on the team.

12 kids on the team, each kid gets about 40 swings, which takes
me about 50 pitches counting the ones out of the strike zone,
and the bunts. Adds up in a hurry. Takes about an hour and a half.

All-star time of year and we can practice the kids for almost 3
hours every day. Gotta keep 'em interested, or it becomes boring,
but there's enough coaches to keep 12 kids busy learning how to
play the "American pastime".

Sorry for off-topic rambling.....


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