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The redaction changes look fine to me.

> This brought up a philosophical debate in my mind. If the book mentions
> moving the sources, but then proceeds to move them to a directory where
> only root can write, ISTM that this can be mis-interpreted as "you have
> to download sources as root to be able to save them". If someone has to
> be root to save new sources in the suggested directory then how far is
> that from being root to build?
> Apart from this line of thinking, another thought was why does the book
> suggest this at all? Is this something that should be left as an
> exercise to the reader instead of something that a new reader will
> blindly follow (and they most likely will blindly follow)? That is why I
> added "if so desired", "If you wish", and "wherever you choose".
> Suggestions?

Like sash said, for 6.1 and SVN that page could be moved after kernel 
installation to avoid confusions.

For the new cross-lfs books we can try to do the "rigth thing", i.e., to 
dowloads the packages and patches as lfs user (like in HLFS) and to build the 
final system packages as normal user doing only the "make install" as root 
(like in BLFS). 

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