module-init-tools error

Archaic archaic at
Sun Jun 5 17:00:07 PDT 2005

Apparently the DOCBOOKTOMAN="" doesn't work because it is trying to

docbook2man doc/modprobe.conf.sgml ....

By making it "" we get this:

if [ "" = "docbook2man" ]; then                     \
     doc/modprobe.conf.sgml > /dev/null 2>&1;                       \
else                                                               \
     doc/modprobe.conf.sgml 2>&1 > modprobe.conf.5 | sed 's/^[^:]*://';              \
 doc/modprobe.conf.sgml: Permission denied

IOW, it is trying to now execute the sgml file.

For those that log their builds, I'd like to see if you are getting this
error as well. One easy way is to man modprobe.conf. It should be hosed.
I have tested this on several mid-march to current testing builds. All
that I still have logs for show the error and man modprobe.conf fails on
every one because the input isn't in man format.

I have found that doing a touch modprobe.conf.5 after unpacking sorts it
out, without need for any arguments to make. I'm about to make the
change to trunk and testing. Please comment if you find a better way of
fixing this.


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