Flex compilation issue...

David Jensen djensen at inebraska.com
Wed Jun 1 16:03:21 PDT 2005

David Fix wrote:

>I don't copy anything... I work in the /working directory and simply do a
>"tar zxvf /sources/blah.tar.gz" or whatever...  No other modifications, I
>just follow the book.  :D
>	Dave
At this point I have more confidence in your install than mine!  If I 
rebuild now, the flex bin is the virtually the same as my build.  If I 
touch 'scan.l' before make, both scan.c and the flex bin are 
significantly larger.
I'm going to change my script to:
touch -t 0303311951 scan.l
make install
touch scan.l
make install
till someone says different.

David Jensen

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