Flex compilation issue...

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jun 1 10:02:29 PDT 2005

David Fix wrote these words on 06/01/05 11:45 CST:

> Well, you won't find that "run flex" in your logs unless something "bad"
> happens. :)  As it did with me...
> Secondly, /working is where I unpack everything to work in (I still keep
> sources in the /sources directory).  I just untar everything in /working, I
> find it keeps things a lot neater and easier to find.  :)

Please, if you *must* leave the entire message intact when you reply
(very rarely a reason to), at *least* trim the signatures and mailing
list stuff from the bottom. :-)

Anyway, I use a "working" directory called "build" which is a subdir
of an unprivileged users home directory to do *all* building. I'm not
sure the working path really is an issue that can cause a package to
build or not build successfully.


rmlscsi: [GNU ld version 20041220] [gcc (GCC) 3.4.3]
[GNU C Library stable release version 2.3.4] [Linux 2.6.10 i686]
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