reminder to delete binutils

Peter Ennis peterennis at
Wed Jun 1 07:21:51 PDT 2005

Linux From Scratch - Version SVN-20050524
Chapter 5. Constructing a Temporary System
5.8. Adjusting the Toolchain

At this point, when the principle FBBG is applied,
the important step is to delete the binutils
that was left from pass 1.

However, the text that stands out is a Note
to people who did not remember to keep

I suggest that the following text:

 Now that the adjusted linker is installed, the Binutils build and
source directories should be removed.

be set within an !Important frame before the note.

1. !Important is a good counterpoint to the previous !Warning
2. Using FBBG this is what should logically follow.
3. I know the reminder to delete binutils was there but it
was not easy to find buried in the text.


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