AW: Community discussion: including any devel-tools in LFS Chap. 6

Feldmeier Bernd Bernd.Feldmeier at
Wed Dec 21 07:44:56 PST 2005

Well, Archaic as subjected before
we could discuss that. 

I think it is
absolutely not against the goal of LFS,
because pointing out how a sane working
system can be created has nothing to do 
with any dev-tools installed.

Further more I would like to her
some comments from others on this
Deviding chap 6 into optional
dev-tool packs and essential packs
could be explained to the user.

BTW, Greg did a great job with his DIY
approach that has also some optional
packs available.

This and many more could be discussed here
and also the package manager debate could
be seen as an option like in Gregs great stuff.

regards Bernd

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On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 03:33:24PM +0100, Feldmeier Bernd wrote:
> This could really lead to a clean target rootfs approach
> without the need of any devel tools ...

Which would be completely against the stated goal of LFS.



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