Using Linux-Libc-Headers-2.6.x.y + latest kernel version (e.g. 2. 6.14.x)

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Dec 1 12:04:56 PST 2005

Dan Nicholson wrote:

> As a follow up to this comment, beagle also uses inotify.  I built it
> with l-l-h-, and it works fine now that I've upgraded my
> kernel to 2.6.14.  How?  beagle (appropriately) includes inotify.h in
> it's source tree.

Just as a point of interest, what happens if one compiles and runs 
beagle on a kernel that doesn't have inotify present and/or enabled? 
Presumbly it has some runtime detection so it can fallback to something 
else or simply bail out, right?

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