Using Linux-Libc-Headers-2.6.x.y + latest kernel version (e.g. 2. 6.14.x)

Mark Rosenstand mark at
Thu Dec 1 04:26:24 PST 2005

Matt Darcy wrote:
> Mark Rosenstand wrote:
> > And I run a dovecot IMAP server without inotify-support on a
> > inotify-enabled Linux 2.6.14 machine because it couldn't find
> > <linux/inotify.h>
> And what is your experience with this ?
> Do you find that inotify works/is picked up by dovecot ? or do you
> find its just a feature that is enabled in the kernel, that is not
> picked up by applications.
> I'm interested....

I thought the "because" part made it pretty clear :)

I would like it to use inotify, but it doesn't because the headers are
too old. I never really understood why most (all?) distributors choose
to use kernel headers that doesn't match the running kernel.

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