GCC-4 (more nagging) :-)

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Aug 28 21:57:24 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote these words on 08/28/05 01:55 CST:
>>Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>>>From what I can tell from the information you provided (following all
>>>relevant links), this is a tough bug to follow. I stopped reading
>>>when it was starting to dwell on the specs of ISO standards.
>>>I'd sure like to see something that explains it a bit easier.
>>Well...I _thought_ I had a box with the affected hardware mentioned in
>>the RedHat bug, but I was wrong.  So it doesn't look like I'll get to
>>see it either.  I have an S3 card at work that I might be able to use,
>>but I don't know what model or anything of that nature...will have to
>>see on monday.
> Can someone summarize this bug?
> You mention an S3 card, yet I compiled Xorg just fine and use the
> S3 driver just fine. Please for folks that don't have the time or
> patience to read ten thousand mails, summarize what is wrong so that
> it can be confirmed or denied.

Okay...here is a description of the problem:


Basically, the symptom is that text consoles are screwed up after
starting X, and in some cases (Trident Cyber*) a completely white x
display.  To reproduce, 'startx' and then 'Ctrl+Alt+F1' and see if the
usual text shows up, of if you get something else (or many something esles).

-- DJ Lucas

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