Essential pre-reading link

Richard A Downing richard at
Thu Aug 25 02:51:00 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hi All,
> The LFS book(s) link to Richard's Essential Pre-Reading Hint in the
> Prerequisites section, as you may already be aware. The hint, in turn,
> mentions that there is a better maintained version at
> Firstly, Richard, is that still correct? Are you still keeping the html
> version on your personal site more up-to-date?
> Secondly, if you are more inclined to maintain an html version (just as I
> am more inclined to read an html version when already reading through the
> LFS book in a html browser) perhaps we could link to that one in the book?
> If we were refraining to do that before because it was deemed the hint
> link would be more reliable, maybe Richard you could keep and publish
> that document at ?
> Just a thought.
> --
> JH

Some of my hints have fallen into a bit of disrepair during my recent
move, Jeremy  They're still available at that URL, although I shall let
the domain lapse in January'06 when my pre-payment runs out.

My new domain is, which reflects my new address.  The
document is available there:

However, it should, I agree now also be available on together with my other LFS hints.  I'll
try and arrange a revision and installation sometime soon.  It probably
won't be this week - I have house guests.


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