Some improvements to the init.d/functions script

Bernard Leak bernard at
Sun Aug 14 07:07:43 PDT 2005

Dear List,
                  here are some suggested alterations
to 'functions' from the lfs bootscripts.  None of these
are functional changes, but should make the script
clearer to people reading it, or maybe just less
annoying to me...

Just typos:
Dimentions <- Dimensions
Cursur <- Cursor
unforseen <- unforeseen
becasue <- because

Bad punctuation:
Warning, when  <- Warning: when

Poor wording:
which is depreciated <- which is deprecated
   This occurs more than once.

Typo AND poor wording:
Invalid of excessive <- Invalid or too many
   This occurs more than once.
   An argument can be individually 'excessive'
   'excess' was meant - but 'too many' is better

More confusing still: (TENTATIVE CORRECTION ONLY)
This depreciates getpids <- This will make getpids obsolete
   I suspect 'deprecates' was meant, sort of, but
   what does that mean?  One deprecates things
   by, er, deprecating them.  This is my guess at
   what was meant.

Bernard Leak.
Before they made me, they broke the mould.

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