[RFC] ALFS implementations

Kev Buckley k.buckley at lancaster.ac.uk
Wed Aug 10 02:21:08 PDT 2005

> Right. One solution to that which I am interested in pursuing a bit more
> is what I mentioned in alfs-discuss and what Greg Schafer has referred to
> recently in another thread: extracting the commands from the book's XML
> source.
> There have been others who have pursued this goal, ie, Boris Buegling and
> the former Hive project members. Now, though, we have something that fits
> a bit more seamlessly with the current LFS books. Manuel has created a XSL
> stylesheet that can extract all the commands and dump them into text
> files. This could be put into the Book's Makefile and the commands be
> extracted nightly.
> The difficulty becomes how to use those raw text files to intelligently
> and accurately script the build.

Sounds to me that, as within the LFS book, you will end up having a
lot of existing commands that wont be changed, with one or two options
that the user can make, say for eaxmple, adding CrackLib support. You
might thus want to present the nALFS user with something akin to the
/Linux Kernel/Busy Box/ style configuration tool framework, prior to
the automated build taking place:

+----Not using SysVinit  (If checked, nALFS adds the killall soft link 
|                          to the command set)
+----Enforce the use of strong passwords (If checked, nALFS adds the 
|                                          configure and sed alterations)

and so on for the other options, where such exist, for each LFS package.

Maybe also with the odd generic option for, say, enforcing FHS
compliance, and such like.

Bit of a change from the existing nALFS but something that many folk
would perhaps have come cross before.

Just my threepen'th though, (Personally, I'm a cut-and-paste man)


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