Using bugzilla

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Tue Aug 9 13:59:05 PDT 2005


I've currently got a TODO list with some 16 items on it.  Although some 
of these really are personal LFS-related tasks I'd like to tackle, the 
majority of them are reminders of/pointers to emails to do with bugs 
that need to be addressed in the book.  In order that everyone has 
visibility of these (users and fellow developers alike), I'll proceed to 
enter them into bugzilla over the coming days.

In the future, can I request that before sending such emails, you 
consider entering them into bugzilla instead.  Please don't be afraid 
we'll mark them as INVALID because we didn't happen to raise them 
ourselves, but also please don't take offense if we mark them as 
INVALID/WONTFIX as we'll give solid reasons why we've done so.  I'd much 
rather we use bugzilla because I, for one, certainly have an annoying 
tendency to forget about issues otherwise (the email stays read unless I 
explicitly remember to flag it for follow-up).

If a bugzilla entry warrants further discussion, that may well take 
place in lfs-dev or in the bug itself.  Whether lfs-dev is involved will 
largely be dependent on whether the reporter/developer(s) think it 
warrants wider community involvement.



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