LFS-stable, errata and new packages

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at Vollmann-Online.de
Mon Aug 8 13:28:24 PDT 2005

Ken Moffat wrote:

> Hi Torsten,
>  I think you're overlooking a couple of things

Sad but true most times. Well, it's always worth a try :-)

> - editors upgrade packages and do any testing them with the current
> book.  Nobody, AFAIK, is testing package updates against the last stable
> book, other than to fix identified problems and vulnerabilities.  Even
> then, changes might still introduce unexpected results.

This rises the question: How much are the packages tested the errata page
advises to use?

> - the svn book is by definition unstable.  

Not questioning that! That's why I only use it on my spare pc to keep up
with development.

> Sometimes, it can take days, 
> or weeks, for the problem to show up (e.g. past issues with bison and
> strip) and the fix might be to revert the version.

Well, point taken, but one last try: I think there should be some explaining
on the to-be updates page regarding this issue so that people could decide
wether to stick with the plain stable releases or to go with the updates.
Anyway (and I know this is wishfull thinking) the version numbering of
packages should hint toward wether there was a _major_ change in code/API
or a _minor_ fix/improvement. Also the changelog should indicate if there
is trouble on the horizon.

This could be an argument in favor or against my scheme so maybe I have to
stick with updating to new packages and hoping they work as proposed.


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