[RFC] Add CrackLib to Chapter 6 LFS

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Thu Aug 4 23:53:22 PDT 2005

Archaic wrote:

>I have not seen anyone say that a hint would be a bad move.
I am not sure if even a hint is needed, since it would be the worlds 
shortest hint!  ;)  It would say "install cracklib from BLFS, install 
shadow from LFS".

(from shadow-4.0.9 ./configure --help):
  --with-libcrypt       try to use libcrypt (default if found)

So if the user installed cracklib on their own, there are no changes to 
shadow necessary, it should find it on its own (if I understand the 
"default if found" correctly).  The only reason BLFS has a flag for it 
is to disable it since it is in PAM already.

So even a little note saying:

"If you would like to enforce strong passwords, you can install the 
cracklib library from BLFS before compiling shadow."

would be enough IMO.


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