[RFC] Add CrackLib to Chapter 6 LFS

Randy McMurchy LFS-User at mcmurchy.com
Thu Aug 4 15:17:17 PDT 2005

Jim Gifford wrote these words on 08/04/05 17:10 CST:
> It's an addon, not a required package. I just don't think it's place is 
> in LFS or Cross-LFS. I think BLFS is the perfect place, since it's an 
> optional package.

I agree with you in that it is optional. However, there are lots of
packages in LFS which are optional. CrackLib, as does other packages
which are not required that LFS installs, adds additional functionality
and security.

Mind you, I don't really care either way. I just think the book would
be better with it installed.


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