Patch to fix BZ #1597

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Aug 4 11:01:40 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> Attached is a patch which can be applied to trunk (and other branches
> as well, I think) which will provide instructions to run the Module Init
> Tools test suite and fix BZ #1597.

Thanks a lot.  It seems to address my concerns nicely!

> +<para>If you wish to run the test suite for Module-Init-Tools, download the 
> +separate tarball and unpack it along with the source tarball.

What tarball?  Now, as it's optional, do we link to it from 
chapter03/packages.html or do we just put a {ulink} in this paragraph?

Aside from that minor query, it looks great.

Incidentally, in Tush's original report he mentioned that "Additionally, 
running make check messes up the built executables".  2 questions 
related to that then:

1. What exactly is "messed up" about them? and
2. Are they similarly messed up in the most recent pre-release?

I realise I could just build them myself, but I'm *delegating* because 
I'm busy with other stuff atm and I need the practice :) ).



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