New Cross-LFS book - what about the printed version?

Norman J Heckscher Norman.Heckscher at
Fri Apr 29 18:48:16 PDT 2005

steve crosby wrote:
 > The question is, with the new multi-choice cross-lfs book being worked
 > on, how are we planning on producing a hardcopy version? Questions
 > regarding the "linear" flow of the book are resolved by using smart
 > XML processing, but I've yet to see that technology in paperback ;)

Years ago as a kid I remember reading some books that were from a series 
called "Choose your own adventure".  At certain points in these books 
you were given a choice on what the main character would do next.  You 
were usually given 2 or 3 options and, depending on your choice, you 
would turn to a different page.  The story of the main character was all 
dependent on what choices you made and which pages you turned to.  I see 
a printed version of the multi-choice/cross-lfs book being written in a 
similar way.

If you choose 1, then continue reading.
If you choose 2, then turn to page 9.
If you choose 3, then turn to page 11.

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