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Fri Apr 29 09:19:20 PDT 2005

El Viernes, 29 de Abril de 2005 10:30, steve crosby escribió:

> The question is, with the new multi-choice cross-lfs book being worked
> on, how are we planning on producing a hardcopy version? Questions
> regarding the "linear" flow of the book are resolved by using smart
> XML processing, but I've yet to see that technology in paperback ;)

For now the approach is that each arch will have their own PDF version.

IMHO, that is the most logical way for personal use. If you want to print the 
book at your home, is most likelly that you will want to print only that 
pages/commands really needed for you.

> If no-one has considered it, I'd like to suggest the use of
> pageheading "graphics" which the user can follow, depending on their
> target configuration.
> i.e. If building for sparc, you would use the sections in the book
> (linearly) that have either the "sparc" graphic, or the "all" graphic
> in the section heading.

That could be considered when making another hardcopy version. But in that 
case the final word is for Gerard and the publisher.

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