New Cross-LFS book - what about the printed version?

steve crosby steve.crosby at
Fri Apr 29 01:30:36 PDT 2005

I'm sure it's been considered, but I haven't seen anything about how
it will be handled, so I'll ask anyway...

The question is, with the new multi-choice cross-lfs book being worked
on, how are we planning on producing a hardcopy version? Questions
regarding the "linear" flow of the book are resolved by using smart
XML processing, but I've yet to see that technology in paperback ;)

If no-one has considered it, I'd like to suggest the use of
pageheading "graphics" which the user can follow, depending on their
target configuration.

i.e. If building for sparc, you would use the sections in the book
(linearly) that have either the "sparc" graphic, or the "all" graphic
in the section heading.

Also as an aside, are there plans to resurrect the news-mail gateway,
or will the server remain in read-only mode? My primary access to the
[b,h]lfs lists is via news, not mail, and my reader of choice does not
support replying via email, so I can't intelligently respond to
threads easily... ;(

-- -
Steve Crosby

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