SATA disks and Chapter 8. Making the LFS System Bootable

Mark A. Nicolosi mark at
Wed Apr 27 13:45:03 PDT 2005

On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 09:47:45AM -0500, Zachary Kotlarek wrote:
> Grub uses its own naming structure for drives and partitions in the 
> form of (hdn,m), where n is the hard drive number and m is the 
> partition number, both starting from zero. Grub does not distinguish 
> between busses, but simply names disks in the same order they are 
> presented by your BIOS, skipping any optical drives. While the 
> particular order of disks that grub chooses is BIOS dependent, /dev/hda 
> or /dev/sda are usually considered hd0 by grub.
> For example, on an IDE-based machine with a hard drive at /dev/hda, a 
> CD drive at /dev/hdc, and a second hard drive at /dev/hde, grub would 
> likely present the first hard drive as hd0, the second hard drive as 
> hd1, and would not present the CD drive at all.

Sounds good. Maybe also bount them to the info page for information on how 
grub's naming conventions.

Mark A. Nicolosi

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