cross-lfs: minor text fixes

Ryan Oliver ryan at
Wed Apr 27 05:11:13 PDT 2005

Greetings all,

Most here minor cleanups

4.5. Creating the $HOME/cross-tools Directory
Remove Last para ie:
"The created symlink enables the toolchain to be compiled so that it 
always refers to /cross-tools , meaning that the compiler, assembler, 
and linker will work both in this chapter and this host architecture and 
in the next (when we are ?chrooted? to the LFS partition)."

We won't ever want to use /cross-tools in chroot (it won't be there).
/cross-tools symlink I assume is to keep a shorter path than
referencing ${HOME}/cross-tools , other than that it serves no other purpose

5.7. Cross GCC-3.4.3 - Static libgcc

"Now we will change gcc's search path to look into /tools only"
Also an addition here,

"Now we will alter cpp's default header search path to look under 
This setting also alters the fixincludes process so that fixed headers 
only get created
from header files under /tools/include"

Ditto for 5.9 and 5.11

Note: there is a missing edit in these which will be required for 
multilib (bi-arch/tri-arch)
builds... but we can leave that for the moment

Nice to set these as environment vars, but it will tend to hide some of 
the details...
This will not quite cut it for multilib builds... but I guess I am 
getting ahead of things.

If CC/CXX/RANLIB/AR are explicitly defined during configure, the reader 
will see what tools
are being used, and if they aren't setup as the correct user the build 
will barf (ie: we
have no -gcc) as opposed (if doing a host=target build) to miscompiling 
with the host gcc.
Something to think about anyway...

Thats it for the moment, but looks like it is coming along nicely ;-)

Best Regards

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