Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Apr 26 06:06:35 PDT 2005

Hi All,

Just wanted to clarify something. In the current cross-lfs book that is 
under development, as well as some of the threads in discussing the 
cross-lfs book, we've been using the term 'Reboot' when talking about 
that point in the build where we've been compiling cross-tools for a 
different arch, and now we want to build the rest of the system on that 

I see that as a potential point of confusion. While we *could* reboot 
the machine if we're building for the same arch (or same family, i.e., 
x86 > x86_64) using the term 'Reboot' won't necessarily be always 
accurate, esp in those cases where we started building the cross-tools 
on a totally different arch.

Perhaps I'm being a bit technical here, but I think we should say what 
we really mean. IMO, "Reboot" just doesn't quite fit. Perhaps "Boot 
Target Machine with New Kernel" - I know that's a bit long, but I'm open 
to suggestions.

Jeremy Huntwork

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