Warning: Do not remove the [xxx] build and/or source directories yet...

Tony Morgan snickkers at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 25 02:51:19 PDT 2005

I'm still following the LFS book at the moment, I'm yet to complete an 
LFS installation...

I'm following the SVN-20050417, and my suggestion is in reference to ch 
5.4 (binutils pass 1), 5.9 (Tcl) and probably a number of other times 
this occurs throughout the book.

I've come to realise that, after each package is installed, and you're 
ready to move on to the next package, you can erase the build and/or 
source directory there and then. It's written somewhere near the start 
of the book that you can do this.

There are exceptions, of course, and they are nicely written in big 
writing and say very explicitly something along the lines of "Do not 
remove the build/source directories yet - they will be needed later".

However, what's missing is a second explicit notice along the lines of 
"Ok - that [xxx] build directory we told you not to remove earlier - 
it's now safe to erase it. We won't be needing that particular build of 
[xxx] anymore".

Most of the time, if you're "on the ball" you can figure it out... but 
it still makes me nervous, ya know? I think to myself "Ok, I had to keep 
  the binutils directory cos we were going to use it later... We've just 
used it now in 5.8 Adjusting the Toolchain... Does that mean I can now 
erase the binutils-x.x.x and binutils-build directories? What if we need 
to use it again? *cry* mummy, I'm scared."

Don't ask me why, but comiling a GNU/Linux system from scratch is really 
daunting and scarey - this reassurance of "Ok, you can delete [...] now" 
would really help first-timers.

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