Typos and Phrasing

Tony Morgan snickkers at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 25 02:36:12 PDT 2005

Peter Ennis wrote:
> How about:
> s/(see the Section 1.3, “Resources” section of this book)/(refer to 
> "Section 1.3. Resources" of this book)/
> 'section' is used only one time.

Perfect! :D

PS I'm glad to see you weren't offended by my 'accusing' you of poor 
grammar - it was never intended to be an insult, and you obviously didnt 
take it that way. I've only been on this list a few days, but I've come 
to realise that even the most innocuous of comments can snowball into 
flaming (and getting a snowball to catch fire is no menial task). It's 
really starting to make me rethink my idea of "giving back to the 
community". I live in Ausralia, so donating cash to various projects 
I've benifitted from (such as LFS and other things) isn't really an 
option. I like that I can donate *time*, and that it is appreciated. 
It's like joining a community, and being warmly welcomed.

But that's not what I get here. Here there is intense in-fighting, 
bitchy and loaded remarks flying around. Instead of being welcomed, I've 
been given a stern implicit warning: watch your step! Why would any 
newcomer *want* to be part of *that* kind of community?

The thing that's missing, and the thing that's made these comments 
spiral into petty fighting is a lack of maturity. Maturity in this case 
is simply letting the other guy win. Oh, it's not as easy as it sounds - 
you've got to fight every natural impulse you have to respond to 
insults, and just let it go. Example: "You said in the past blah blah 
blah and a flippity floppity floo". There's no need to respond to it 
with anything - even a simple "I've defended those words before, and I 
refuse to rehash old arguements". Just say nothing. Nothing at all. Let 
him win. Let him believe that he's king of the world, because he's 
proven you wrong somehow. Don't lower yourself to his level.

The obstacle with "letting him win", however, is that it takes an 
enormous amount of trust in the rest of the community. It's a very 
public battle, unfortunately. You need to trust that the rest of the 
community isn't stupid. You need to trust that they have an ounce of 
brain matter in their skulls. You need to trust that they can see what's 
really going on here. And then, even they can't see it - even if they 
don't realise the stupid political intricacies going on behind the 
scenes -  ALL  THE  BETTER!

Lastly, I just wanted to say that i realise that I've made unfair 
statements. I've attributed the qualities of two people at flamewar with 
each other to everyone in the community. Yes, it's unfair, but it's a 
truth about life and society - people will attribute to everyone within 
a smaller community the qualities of the "loudest" few. (aka 
stereotyping). It may not be true, but it's the impression I've gotten 
as a newcomer. My point is: as the loudest two people in the lfs-dev 
list, you are representing *everybody* on it, and as such you have a 
responsibility to reflect the nature of everybody in the community, even 
though you never asked for such a responsibility.

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