[POST-6.1] translated output of bootscripts

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Sat Apr 23 18:18:05 PDT 2005


a tarball of translated bootscripts matching the latest SVN official LFS 
bootscripts is available at:


For English speakers, it's a drop-in replacement with identical functionality.


make -C po
make install
make -C po install

Differences from the official bootscripts:

1) UTF-8 support on console. For details, see:


UNICODE=1 is incompatible with non-bash as /bin/sh - but UTF-8 users won't use 
other shells anyway since they are incompatible with UTF-8 by themselves.

Text wrapping works in UTF-8 in the same degree as with ASCII, i.e. is as 
broken even on pure ASCII messages as it is in the original bootscripts. 
Testcase: add an "exit 1" bootscript that triggers the "you should not see 
this error" message and look at the incorrect wrapping in English locale.

Note that the LFS book is not 100% compatible with UTF-8, e.g. some known 
important bugfixes are missing from grep and awk and the ncurses library is 
compiled in such a way that it doesn't understand UTF-8.

2) Russian and Spanish translations (thanks Manuel). To see Russian 

in /etc/sysconfig/console, uncomment Russian section
in /etc/sysconfig/rc, add the following line:


3) Possibility to add a translation to your language. It's not that hard, only 
107 messages to translate. To do that:

cd po
vim your_language.po

add your LANG line to /etc/sysconfig/rc, reboot the system for testing
mail your_language.po file to me or to lfs-dev

Possible future improvements:

1) Move the "console" startup link to S15console. This would show more 
translated messages, but would also require recompilation of kbd-1.12 in 
order to move keymaps and screen fonts to /lib/kbd.

2) Translate BLFS bootscripts also. Will do that after discussion of 
translated LFS bootscripts.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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