Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Sat Apr 23 17:28:11 PDT 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> A simple example will document this clearly.  Take building LFS on a 
> Fedora core release.  In the past, we had issues with our chapter 5 
> glibc build picking up the presence of SE-Linux in Fedora core 3, which 
> caused the chapter 5 glibc to also enable SE-Linux.  But, once we got 
> into chapter 6, it caused the glibc build to barf, because the headers 
> for selinux were no longer present.

Huh? The above is complete and utter nonsense and clearly demonstrates you
have no understanding of the issues at hand.

1. The FC3 scenario you describe is just outright incorrect. It is the
build of Ch 5 Glibc that fails and nothing at all to do with Ch 6.

2. The build failure happens because of a bug in the Glibc Makefile. It
has nothing to do with the build method at all. Here is the upstream bug

Passing `--without-selinux' simply works around the issue. The text in LFS
explaining this option is completely bogus.. hmm.. maybe I should say

"When building from hosts using SELinux functionality (i.e. Fedora Core
3), Glibc will try to integrate this functionality into itself, but will
fail, because we do not have this functionality in the LFS tools
environment. This option will disable this, allowing Glibc to build
correctly, but will not otherwise affect the build."

Not only is the text wrong, it's some of the poorest English language I've
read in a long while and is guaranteed to make any English teacher cringe.

Sorry for coming across as harsh, but you as an LFS staff member and
someone who continually posts as if you know everything when you clearly
do not, left yourself wide open here. Please stick to what you're good
at and go back to IRC where you can be a hero. Recall that you started
with this inflammatory tone in the other thread. I'll finish it.


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