Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

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Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> Once a get a spare hour or so I'll take a look at this thread properly
> > to see what you lot have been so busy with :)
> Firstly, thanks to everyone who participated in this discussion.  It's 
> been a while since we've had such an in-depth, informative and well 
> reasoned debate!
> Secondly, there were some concerns regarding having to reboot into the 
> target environment.  Note that this is a technical requirement because 
> for the majority of host != target builds, the host won't be able to 
> run binaries built for the target environment.  Obviously though, not 
> everyone will be cross-building.  Therefore it would be prudent to 
> provide the 'chroot' instructions where a reboot isn't required.  I 
> believe the XML can be massaged into allowing the correct set of 
> instructions dependent on whether or not the reboot is required. 
> Failing that, we simply give folks a choice.  I realise this deviates 
> slightly from the "linear" style that the book has followed up until 
> now.  However, building LFS is complex as it is - even more so when 
> considering the cross-building techniques.  I don't think asking the 
> user a simple question of "is your host the same arch as your target 
> box" is unreasonable.

We have put in a choice.

> I think the only other point of contention is the necessity of some 
> additional tools (SSH, etc.) to facilitate building on some non-x86 
> arches.  I believe these can be added by the maintainers of those 
> arches, and surrounded by the necessary XML magic to prevent those 
> that won't need them from seeing them.
Already done

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