Typos and Phrasing

Tony Morgan snickkers at iinet.net.au
Sat Apr 23 01:35:27 PDT 2005

Peter Ennis wrote:
 > s/(see the Section 1.3, “Resources” section of this book)/(see the
 > Section 1.3. “Resources” section of this book)/

Tony Morgan (me) suggested:
 > s/(see the Section 1.3, “Resources” section of this book)/(see the
 > "Section 1.3. Resources" section of this book)/

I re-read my post, and a thought occured to me that didn't before. The 
"Section 1.3. Resources" will be a hyperlink - blue and underlined. 
Which means
any quotation marks aren't entirely necessary, unless the LFS document 
is being
converted to plaint-text format.

Therefore, my final suggested rendering of the line (keeping in mind, I am
nobody) is either:

(see [A]Section 1.3. Resources[/A] of this book)
(see the [A]Section 1.3. Resources[/A] section of this book)

where '[A]' is short for '[A HREF="http://..."]'

Also, if it's not already done, for plain-text rendiring of the LFS book, I
would suggest setting hypertext links out somehow. Personally, I would 
«something like this» (ASCII codes 174, 175 - seems mostly universal between
codepages) but since it's possible (maybe likely) that people viewing the
plain-text version wouldn't be able to properly view special ASCII 
maybe <<something like this>> would suffice.

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