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Tue Apr 19 11:23:03 PDT 2005

El Lunes, 18 de Abril de 2005 23:03, Jim Gifford escribió:

> There are a few pitfalls to  this.

Another one: when you reboot you're alone. No mail, no web, no IRC, no 
possibility to ask for help if something go bad while building the new 

But well, I want multi-arch capabilities, I want cross-build techniques, I 
want the most professional and educational book that we could do, and I want 
that the user could choice how to build their systems. 

Is the recommended method to reboot to build the final system?. Yes.

Is possible to use the chroot method for uni-arch builds?. Yes.

Then, IMHO, we only need to solve how to integrate both build ways into one 
book and let the user to decide what to use based in their needs.

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