Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

Alan Lord alan.lord at
Tue Apr 19 05:32:28 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Jim Gifford wrote these words on 04/18/05 16:03 CST:
>> Another issue will be after the tools are built we will be building a
cross-compiled kernel, so we can boot into the architecture we are
building for and complete the build process. There are a few pitfalls to


Hello, I'm a (normally) silent observer - been building LFS since 2.x...
having lots of fun.

Having read the discussion regarding cross-compiling I'm a bit
confused... How are you supposed to get the new cross-compiled
tools and kernel onto the "other architecture" (Presumably this is a
different machine? Will this process require the making of a CD or

Will this new methodology work with nALFS? I use it all the time.

I'd also like to concur with Randy. I build a new LFS fairly regularly
just for fun and would probably give up if I couldn't use xterms and

Just my twopenny's worth.

PS - I have three machines here:
A very old AMD K6-450Mhz which has got me to LFS6.0 and runs fine.
An old Dell (upgraded) P4 400Mhz FSB 2.6Ghz with RDRAM (This is the
machine I now use for LFS).
And a shiny new AMD 64 3200+.

I'd be interested/happy  in trying to build a 64bit version for that as
it only has M$oft on it at the mo and I've a 200Gb disk to fill.

Thanks for everyone's hard work in the LFS team - it has opened my eyes
to linux and helped me find an alternative to M$.

Alan Lord - LFS ID: 216

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